Employment Proceduce

1.     Foreign teacher accesses the Quanzhou Normal University website at 
2.     If interested, contact or send resume to Lisa(Xu Qihong), Winni(Huang Wen), Lily(Wu Minli):  
e-mail address: xuhwsb@163.com, 307156798@qq.com, or postal address at: 
Quanzhou Normal UniversityDonghai, Quanzhou City, 362000
Fujian Province,P.R. China
3.     QNU will send a letter of acknowledgement of resume or interest, and if QNU is interested in you, we will request for additional documentation (application form, academic records, diplomas, references and copy of passport) from applicants.
4.     Applicant sends all the requested documents in Step 3.
5.     Foreign Affairs Office of QNU reviews the documents and verifies work and character references as furnished by the applicant.  
6.     Foreign Affairs Office of QNU accepts or declines the application/
resume. A letter of acceptance or denial is sent to the applicant.  When accepted, a contract is sent with the letter requesting a response within 10 days.    
7.     When both the applicant and the director of Foreign Affairs Office signs the contract, the signed copy is sent to the applicant.  
8.     FAO initiates the application for work permit. Once a work permit is obtained, it is sent to the applicant to apply to the nearest Chinese consulate for a work visa. At the same time a health evaluation form should be obtain from the Chinese Embassy website and completed by your physician. Save this form for the FAO upon arrival in China.  Once the visa is obtained, the applicant must inform QNU about the arriving date, the flight number, etc., immediately for FAO to meet you at the airport. 
9.     Once the new foreign teacher arrives, he will be settled in his or her apartment and a pack of documents such as “Guide to Foreign Teachers”, a map of the city of Quanzhou will be furnished.
10.    FAO introduces the new teacher to the relevant school for a discussion about the academic schedule and the teaching task.