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Quanzhou Normal University Nanyin Inheritance Base Listed into the First Batch of Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture Inheritance Base of the Ministry of Education


Recently, the Ministry of Education released the results of the first batch of Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture Inheritance Bases. The Nanyin Inheritance Base of Quanzhou Normal University was selected together with other 54 university projects in 23 provinces including Peking University Kunqu Opera Inheritance Base and Tsinghua University Jingkun Opera Inheritance Base, making it the only listed base in Fujian Province.

Led by Professor Wang Shan, the founder of the bachelor and master majors of Nanyin, the school, with a highlight of Nanyin education, has made relentless efforts and remarkable achievements in areas such as Nanyin professionals cultivation, local culture service, Nanyin education and research, international exchange and communication of Nanyin culture, and Nanyin composition since 2003, gaining growing influence for its education. In 2011, it was authorized as an institution of Professional Master Degree of Fine Arts education in the Professionals Cultivation Program for Special National Needs. Its Nanyin bachelor and master degree education is still the only one of its kind in universities home and abroad.

                                         (By School of Music and Dance)